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Evolution of Digital Marketing through SEO Services

Digitization in every field is not stopping to amaze us with its power and endless limit. SEO services are a major factor in digital marketing. One of the main goals of any Web Development Company to attract maximum traffic towards their desirable website. In order to achieve this target, they can very well take care of different intricacies of a website.

Digital Bulbs has well-trained and certified SEO professionals who have impeccable knowledge about best-in-class ways to give you more number of potential customers. Let’s have a look at key SEO services that we offer to every client and SMO Services Package

• We can search top keywords relevant to your business.

• Our SEO executives can get keywords stuffed articles, blogs, press releases, etc. and submit them in various online platforms that can gain your more traffic.

• Optimizing the website is also on the list.

A lot of expertise, as well as knowledge are essential for every SEO Company in USA because attracting customers to one particular website by beating numerous competitors is not an easy task. We have already worked with many national as well as multinational brands to attain their desired results. Beside this, our SEO executives can optimize your website in such a way that it is easily picked by search engines on the very first page.

The way digital marketing and its relevant tools are changing frequently and continuously over short span of time, more and more marketing options are coming up. Any marketing plan is incomplete without SEO services because it plays a huge role in increasing sales through attracting more relevant customers to the website.

Searching keywords is an art and this art gets refined over a period of time. Our employees are well-experienced when it comes to SMO as well as SMO Services Provider. Hence, leaves no chance for a company to come on the first page of search engines. Gone are those days when we had only traditional ways of marketing methods, digitization has changed everything and sticking with only old era’s marketing method is not at all a good option. People who speedily adopted SEO services for their businesses saw a rapid increase in their growth rate. Time has come when everyone should switch to latest methods like SMO and SEO services for increasing popularity among right customers.

Choosing SEO services will help in targeting right customers and increase the traffic towards your website.


Get into the mode of Digital Marketing. Increase your Visibility, Ranking and Sales

Digital marketing has revolutionized the way we use to market our products and services. In a wide term online marketing efforts are more than ever. Digital marketing channels like Google search, social media, email, and other modes are helping us to connect with their current and potential clients in an easier and effective way.

Marketing in digital age as well as in last decade was always about connecting with the audience in the right place and at the right time. Today people are making the internet presence more than ever and hence digital marketing in the one of the most effective modes of marketing.

There are many Digital Marketing Tools that marketers can use strategically. Let’s have a look at few of them.

  • Email Marketing
  • Organic Social media
  • Paid Social Media
  • Content Creation
  • Website testing
  • Video Hosting
  • Website Analytics
  • Customer service
  • SEO service
  • Affiliate Marketing

With huge number of people spending much time on social, it’s becoming one of the most important marketing channels for brands to leverage. That’s why social media management tools have been emerged as the staples of every kind of businesses.

  • Email Marketing Tools– Mail Chimp, Emma, Marketo, Get Response.
  • Webste testing tools– Unbounce, Visual Website Optimizer, Oracle Maximizer, and Optimize.
  • Here are some Organic Social media you can use- Sprout Social, Wyng, Woobox, etc
    Paid Social Media tools available for you includes Nanigans, Facebook’s power editor, Twitter Native Platform, etc.
  • Video Hosting sites that you can use- Vimeo, Wistia
  • Content Creation Tools- Canva, Sprout social,,, Kapost.
  • Website Analysis Tools- Google analytics, Kissmetrics, Woopra.
  • Customer Service Tools- UserVoice helpdesk, Zendesk.
  • SEO Tools- SEMRush, Moz, Screaming Frog

Using any of these Digital Marketing tools can fulfill your wish to increase the traffic towards your website and ultimately attaining more number of potential customers.

If you are a business owner and want to give your business much needed boost then you should really think of choosing these options. But managing all of them on your own can be difficult and contacting a reputed Social Media Marketing Company can fulfill all of your needs with perfection. At Digital Bulbs we have an expert and experienced team to look after your SEO and SMO need.

Grab the opportunity to give your business a much needed boost with us. Digital marketing can do wonders.


All about SMO Services and Social Media Posts!

Gone are those days when videos, images or any other form of visual marketing content was difficult to put across numerable customers at once. Plenty of Best SMO Services Provider as well as Online Reputation Management Consultants are available that can be hired and they will take care of whole process on their own. Today we are living in an ultra-modern era where we are blessed with a strong base of social media channels and a number of marketing stuffs can be posted there for free. But if you want to post by yourself then you might find below mentioned points a great help. Try to ask yourself these questions before posting anything and anywhere;

• Will this post relevant to my business and audience?
• Is this post valuable for my social media fans and followers?
• Is this post contributing towards my social media goal?
• Does the quality of post is suitable for viewers?
• Is the content easily understandable to target audience?
• Is this the best time to post?

Posting questions, images, videos and any other content is a great help these days. Today, if a question about any topic is fired on twitter or we can say that if somebody tweets any query, it get more than millions response over various social media channels. Based on the target audience, target country or any other regional area, age group of the viewers, language preferences, etc. the type of post should be decided because one small mistake can cost you huge.

In order to spot potential errors before it actually happens online, it is always advised by experts to set up the publication process for every possible post of yours. It is always advisable to take help of Social Media Optimization USA.

For any kind of social media related requirements. Know how one can change their brand’s image in a revolutionizing what by using different social media channels. Digital Bulbs is a reputed Digital Marketing Company and a Top Social Media Optimization Company that can easily handle the online reputation as well as presence of every business through its SMO services.


Unavailability of Content Keywords in Webmaster Tools Dropped by Google

Google updates coming almost every month but how these updates are beneficial for doing SEO is a question for all webmasters.

Earlier Google Webmaster changed their name to Search Console without any specific reason. This was not effected performance or any major changes in Search Console interface. But this was starting as Google introduced one by one many changes.

Recently Google removed content keyword feature from Google Webmaster / Search Console which was much beneficial for optimizing content over webpages. Webmasters are shocked after receiving this news because this one was very important feature for them. Content keywords allows webmaster to significance of keywords within content, using which webmasters were able to identify new keyword scope.

This was not the first time when Google dropped such useful things from it’s webmaster tool. Prior to this Google dropped SiteLink demotion feature which was also beneficial for webmasters at the time of doing ORM (Online Reputation Management). This feature allowed webmaster to demote any unwanted webpage which is appearing in Google SERP.

Since Google removing all the beneficial tool access for doing perfect SEO, It is require of hiring any Online marketing experts, who can find out latest change in online medium and take effective step to implement for better SEO position.

You can consult with our experts at DigitalBulbs; as per your convenience time before you opt with any Digital Marketing service. Subscribe our blog for regular updates.

Is your E-Commerce website SEO Ready on this Black Friday Sale

Experts at DigitalBulbs suggest you to keep your e-commerce website ready for this Black Friday holiday sale when customers rushing to your website.

Black Friday does not sound good to hear but it is also true that there are advertisers who offer huge discounts on everything. Even customers wait for whole year and start their shopping with Black Friday sale.

Business owner having website, especially E-Commerce store needs to take primarily actions before customers visit their website. Attractive website design and discounts only works when customers are able to reach on your website. For this perfection, your website must be SEO friendly and if it is not ranking google, Bing and other search engines, you should start working on it immediately.

It is not like Halloween scary story, published here but after following some of the major tips it would be more beneficial to optimize your website. By following these simple tips Business Owners and Digital Marketing Heads can expect a good conversion rate through their online e-commerce store.

Separate offer / Discount webpage:
A very common practice by e-commerce webstore owner is creating separate offer page using same content available on their website. This looks good from customer’s point of view as they can see all their discounted products on same page. But due to duplicate content, it is not SEO friendly.
For solving this problem, it is important to use either canonical tag of original page or use meta robots tag to avoid duplicity of content.

Use Only Crawlable urls:
Categorization of every product page is great, so that it is easily accessible while navigating the webstore. But extra user friendly filters like sort by price, relevancy, popularity etc can generate some dynamic pages. Dynamic pages are such webpages which are not SEO friendly but these are user friendly when navigation any e-commerce website. So keeping these extra filters is good idea but make sure that dynamic urls are blocked for all search engines.

Since advertisers are too busy for this black Friday sale and might not get chance to do other required activities for optimizing website. Meet our Digital Marketing experts at DigitalBulbs for getting best results.

Social Media Optimization| Optimizing the Your Brand on Social Media

In this cutthroat digital era, if you want to make a cut in any industry you need to be in cohesion with the latest technology and tools available to promote, analyze and optimize your product and produce viable Marketing strategies.


You must be aware of various social media platforms and their connotation on masses. Organizations, in order to mass communicate their products, services, ideas utilize these platforms to better market their businesses, but with thousand of organizations competing in the same product or services segment, one needs to have a unique product promotion strategy as well as Social Media Campaign specifically designed to stand out in this incessant ocean of Social Media.


There are around 2.67 billion users on various social media platforms, to communicate effectively and build and maintain your social media community is not an easy task per say. One needs to successfully reach out to their targeted audience with the help of social media tools to execute and optimize Social Marketing plans, to Increase your clients’ return on social media pages, one need to delight customers by quickly responding to questions and resolving issues across platforms.


An Organization requires a team of experts especially to manage their whole product portfolio and to establish a connection of Brand with prospective consumers. In order to create a sentiment and passion towards the brand among the overwhelmed Social Media Users, engaging content ideas are required for building brand reputation.

DigitalBulbs  gathers relevant conversations and metrics from social web, blogs, forums, etc., and helps to monitor your Brand’s mention across Facebook and Twitter in real-time, Also provides strategy for collecting, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting data on Social Media, thus saving around 80% time that organizations spend on search and analysis of Social Media.
If you are still ambivalent about whether to allocate your resources to Social Media Marketing, be assured it is the most viable Marketing option, which raises visibility and thus generating business on the web by employing quality content, videos, and hashtag images to increase the likability of the Brand.

Using Google Adwords-Being Easier for Everyone

Google gradually rolling Adwords interface, so it seems easy to use and manage their account for retailers.

Looking back to old Adwords interface there were very few things to target which now changed with more than we expected. This was supposed to be seen very critical thing and there was chance of bouncing back users from Adwords. But this was not happened because of many positive effort made by Google itself. Some of them are listed as below:

    • Google Adwords Support:

Provide support to all Adwords users on the basis of their living countries. From scratch to expert, they give support to Adwords users for solving all their queries over chat, email and call.

    • Google Adwords Community:

Over 1 million active users do participate in Google Adwords community for sharing their experience and getting solution for all their problems.

    • Social Support:

Almost everyone is now active over social sites and they keep visiting over them. Google Adwords recently introduced # tags for receiving user’s query over Facebook. This will engage many of the users who do not want to participate in community or forums but now communicate through their social profiles

    • Google Adwords Partner:

For getting expert help from companies, Google introduced Partner program with them. People who want an agency to manage their Adwords account, now contact Google Partner certified company like DigitalBulbs.

Apart from all above there are some more features being introduced by Google itself. In coming years we might get more updates in Google Adwords interface but assuring that it would not be difficult to manage.

Subscribe our blog post for all regular updates or hire Google Adwords experts at DigitalBulbs for managing your Adwords account. Know more about Pay Per Click advertising services here.

The Basics of Inbound Marketing Techniques

In the last article we discussed what inbound marketing is all about. It is basically letting your audience find you rather than the other way round where you broadcast your message, hoping it will reach your prospects.
We also discussed the steps involved in Inbound Marketing where you attract, convert, engage and promote your brand. There are several techniques involved while doing Inbound Marketing.

The Techniques Involved in Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing strategy involves a cohesive thought process where the marketing messages are strung together and implemented using various digital marketing platforms. The exact techniques used depend on the type of business, its business goals and the audience. Listed below are the core techniques implemented for a successful Inbound Marketing strategy:

Content Marketing:

The foundation of any inbound marketing strategy is content. We have all heard the oft repeated statement that content is king. This holds true because it is information available on the internet that drives people to visit various websites. A relevant and well written content for people is what attracts them to a website. If the written content provides meaningful information to users, they continue to visit a website seeking more information. A business website is relevant as long as it continues to provide the right information.

Search Engine Optimization:

Keywords typed by a user connects them to the information available on a web page. A website needs to be optimized to attract the right kind of audience to a website, enhance the user experience as well as fulfil the conditions of a search engine for it to rank well in SERPs. Otimizing a website and ite content for search engines, without compromising on the user experience, is the key to driving free traffic.

Social Media Marketing:

A strong social media presence is important as it gives easy access to the core consumers of a brand. People can connect to a business in real time. It helps in understanding the needs of your audience and provide them with updated information instantly. To use social media effectively brands need to have the ability to listen to its customers, respond to their problems and offer solutions.

Email Marketing:

The ‘inbox’ gives direct access to your prospect. Once a lead has given consent to a business to send emails to them, email becomes an excellent tool to keep people engaged and build a relationship with prospective buyers. Also, as a business, you have a greater possibility of customer retention. However, Email Marketing is based on permission given by users to receive emails from a business or a website. Cold emailing is not a part of inbound.

There has to be a common thread running through all the techniques to integrate all information in a cohesive manner for the end user.
Learn to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy with Digital Directions and earn an internationally recognized OMCP certification.