Email Marketing

E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest but most effective way to communicate with your clients while promoting your business. Email Marketing service is the most convenient way to reach out to your target customers without any added costs of print, television or radio advertising. Whether you want to send promotional offers or do drip-marketing, where you send a welcome email followed by promotional emails, this is the best way to drive home your brand value.

When a company wants to send any message to its audience the best way is through an electronic email. Create brand awareness and earn customer loyalty while offering any product or services by engaging email marketing service at Digital Bulbs.


Why choose Digital Bulbs for E-Mail Marketing?

p>Digital Bulbs offers the best in class modern email marketing services. We design and create fully responsive emails with tailored and effective message for our clients. Our Email marketing services include:

  • Create beautiful emails
  • Sending targeted mails to clients
  • Acquiring targeted data
  • Establish drip marketing campaigns
  • Do track emails campaign and share complete report
  • Mobile optimized email templates
  • Plain text solutions


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