Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) / Branding Needs

Creating a Brand is not an easy task, it takes time and well thought out marketing efforts. At Digital Bulbs, we research and find out the entire network of online channels which are essential for creating brand presence and enhancing brand value. Brand reach can be increased organically through SEO. But there are some negative SEO results that can hurt your brand reputation and leave a very bad impression on your potential customers.

p>Everyday there are around 1 billion searches on Google, out of which 42% searches are either for a Brand or a Person. So what will happen if anyone searches for your brand on Google and just below the search results showing your website, there are some pages ranking, showing negative reviews about your brand. This is can be embarrassing for any brand, a situation which no one wants.

At Digital Bulbs, we understand this pain point and commit to decrease ranking of such negative pages that are ranking higher while searching for your brand and related terms. We will be creating natural and quality pages to rank high in search results for keywords related to your brand.

Hiring experts at Digital Bulbs assures showing only positive content for all variants of your brand terms.

Process during Online Reputation Management:

  • Diagnosis of Google Ranking along with Online Reputation
  • Finding brand related keywords for negative results in SERP
  • Create SEO friendly profiles for better ranking
  • Finding non-friendly pages to be optimized for improving ranking
  • Push negative comments posts lower in SERPs