Don’t Let your SEO Quality Score Down on this Scary Halloween


Don’t Let your SEO Quality Score Down on this Scary Halloween

Doing Search Engine Optimization seems easy but it is actually not. As even a very small error can be effective negatively and heart your overall SEO score very badly.


Every business owner must have already faced such issues when they already asked an agency to manage their SEO of business websites. These moments are really embarrassing when you found suddenly a huge drop in traffic which directly effects on sale through business website. All these scary moments are possible not to happen when following some guidance providing by Google on this Halloween 2016.


Things which are not allowed for doing right SEO of your website


There are many things which are not allowed but still some of them are highly recommended for not to do, mentioned below:

  • Content over website which being generated automatically
  • Link schemes participation for passing link juice to your website
  • Creating unnecessary pages with no original / useful content
  • Use separate content for both (Spider & User) i.e. use of cloaking
  • Redirect user on separate page instead of actual requested page; i.e. sneaky redirection
  • Using hidden text or links over website pages
  • Creating separate page for high ranking in search result for specific search queries
  • Use content on your own website from other reputed webpages
  • Target irrelevant keywords on high ranking webpages
  • Create page for installing virus, Trojan on user’s system
  • Sending automated queries to Google and increasing number of indexed pages

Apart from above, there are things which business owner needs to take care, unless they hired any best & leading digital marketing company like DigitalBulbs.


Regular checks for website health and issues:

  • Since penguin already merged with Google search algorithm, so it is require to always check penalty status and if it is there then take immediate required actions
  • Review broken links of your website and fixing them, even in webmasters too.
  • While rebuilding website or updating themes, then make sure to implement 301 redirection of old pages into new relevant pages.
  • Regular checks of robots.txt file and update when unnecessary pages are getting index.

So this Halloween, SEO seems scary but it is not when you are following right SEO guidance with well planned strategy. Keep subscribe of our blog for more updated information.

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