Unavailability of Content Keywords in Webmaster Tools Dropped by Google

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Unavailability of Content Keywords in Webmaster Tools Dropped by Google

Google updates coming almost every month but how these updates are beneficial for doing SEO is a question for all webmasters.

Earlier Google Webmaster changed their name to Search Console without any specific reason. This was not effected performance or any major changes in Search Console interface. But this was starting as Google introduced one by one many changes.

Recently Google removed content keyword feature from Google Webmaster / Search Console which was much beneficial for optimizing content over webpages. Webmasters are shocked after receiving this news because this one was very important feature for them. Content keywords allows webmaster to significance of keywords within content, using which webmasters were able to identify new keyword scope.

This was not the first time when Google dropped such useful things from it’s webmaster tool. Prior to this Google dropped SiteLink demotion feature which was also beneficial for webmasters at the time of doing ORM (Online Reputation Management). This feature allowed webmaster to demote any unwanted webpage which is appearing in Google SERP.

Since Google removing all the beneficial tool access for doing perfect SEO, It is require of hiring any Online marketing experts, who can find out latest change in online medium and take effective step to implement for better SEO position.

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