Is your E-Commerce website SEO Ready on this Black Friday Sale


Is your E-Commerce website SEO Ready on this Black Friday Sale

Experts at DigitalBulbs suggest you to keep your e-commerce website ready for this Black Friday holiday sale when customers rushing to your website.

Black Friday does not sound good to hear but it is also true that there are advertisers who offer huge discounts on everything. Even customers wait for whole year and start their shopping with Black Friday sale.

Business owner having website, especially E-Commerce store needs to take primarily actions before customers visit their website. Attractive website design and discounts only works when customers are able to reach on your website. For this perfection, your website must be SEO friendly and if it is not ranking google, Bing and other search engines, you should start working on it immediately.

It is not like Halloween scary story, published here but after following some of the major tips it would be more beneficial to optimize your website. By following these simple tips Business Owners and Digital Marketing Heads can expect a good conversion rate through their online e-commerce store.

Separate offer / Discount webpage:
A very common practice by e-commerce webstore owner is creating separate offer page using same content available on their website. This looks good from customer’s point of view as they can see all their discounted products on same page. But due to duplicate content, it is not SEO friendly.
For solving this problem, it is important to use either canonical tag of original page or use meta robots tag to avoid duplicity of content.

Use Only Crawlable urls:
Categorization of every product page is great, so that it is easily accessible while navigating the webstore. But extra user friendly filters like sort by price, relevancy, popularity etc can generate some dynamic pages. Dynamic pages are such webpages which are not SEO friendly but these are user friendly when navigation any e-commerce website. So keeping these extra filters is good idea but make sure that dynamic urls are blocked for all search engines.

Since advertisers are too busy for this black Friday sale and might not get chance to do other required activities for optimizing website. Meet our Digital Marketing experts at DigitalBulbs for getting best results.

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